Preparation Materials

Sample questions are provided by the AFP and ACER and can be found in the Candidate Information Booklet which is available for free from this website. The sample questions will provide candidates with an understanding of the content, style and structure of the examination.

It is recommended that you attempt these questions to identify areas needing development, then continue practicing to improve your results. You may choose to complete the sample questions several times to become familiar with the types of questions you will encounter in the exam. It is also a good idea to time yourself so you become familiar with time constraints.


ACER will publish a practice ebook containing full-length practice tests for the following four components of the AFP Entrance Exam:

  • Literacy
  • Writing Skills
  • Numeracy
  • Abstract Reasoning

The downloadable PDF includes sample questions and one sample test for each component. The sample tests can be used to practice sitting the tests under timed conditions.

This ebook will be purchased when you register, or via the ACER Shop.



Practise Now! AFP Entrance Examination will be an ACER publication that provides valuable preparation for candidates applying to AFP to become sworn Police Officers.

This book will help you build your confidence in each of the four areas assessed as part of the entrance exam. It identifies specific skills required, describes a range of question types you are likely to encounter and provides detailed explanations of how correct answers may be reached. Be prepared. Be confident. Be ready, with Practise Now! AFP Entrance Examination.

Key features:

Provides detailed breakdowns of the types of tasks involved in each section of the exam.
Suggests helpful strategies for building the kinds of skills required to overcome difficult problems.
Proposes exam-day tactics including time management approaches.

This ebook can be purchased when you register, or via the ACER Shop. A hard copy of this book is also available for purchase via the ACER Shop.

Please note: There are no past test papers available from ACER or the AFP.