Results will generally be available within two weeks (minimum 10 business days) from the exam date.  Candidates will be notified via email once results are released. Candidates can access their results by logging into their online portal at:

ACER will communicate all results for each exam to the AFP. ACER will not release results to individuals unless instructed to by the AFP.

Candidates must achieve the minimum standard for all components of the AFP Entrance Exam, including the Emotional Intelligence test. Results are valid for 3 years from the date of the exam, or from the date on which you achieved the AFP minimum standard for all components.

The AFP will advise candidates about the next stage of the AFP recruitment process.

ACER and AFP will not enter into appeals against results for the Entrance Exam.​

Should you wish to query a particular question on the day of the exam, you should alert the supervisor to your concern and submit an incident report before you leave the exam centre. Your query will be reviewed by the AFP Entrance Exam, ACER Office and you will be notified of the outcome.

Similarly, any complaints relating to the exam centre venue or physical discomfort suffered should be reported to the supervisor on the day, or in writing to the AFP Entrance Exam, ACER Office within five (5) days of the exam session.

It is not possible to receive special consideration for impaired performance on the day of the exam caused by illness or other unexpected personal situations.